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Class 4

Mr Whipp teaches in class every day except Friday morning, when Mrs Brown teaches.

Homework is sent home, with spellings to learn, on a Friday. It should be handed in on the following Wednesday. 

If you would like to discuss anything in detail regarding you child, please speak to Mr Whipp or Mrs Wood (office administrator) to book an appointment

Summer topic - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
As part of our topic the children will be exploring a number of things from the book such as how the author, Roald Dahl uses language to describe the different characters. Through this analysis, the children will create their own unique character and describe them in the style of Roald Dahl. In addition to this, the children will explore different instructional text and produce a set of instructions for producing a chocolate bar from the factory of Willy Wonka. Moreover, the children will take part in an investigation to find out which is the most desirable chocolate bar. This will be done by blind testing and the children commenting on sweetness, creaminess and overall appeal.

Spring Term 1/2

'The Vikings'

This half term sees Class 4 begin to study the group known as the Vikings. Within this area of study, the children will investigate where they came from, why they over and the reasons for them ultimately staying. Additionally, key figures of the Viking Period will be explored such as King Alfred the Great and Erik Thorvaldsson (Eric the Red).

Important Documents

Autumn 1 Term 2

'The Romans'

This half term Class 4 will be learning about the Romans. Within this, they will look into where this group came from, why the Romans came over here and the lasting legacy that stands today in modern Britain.

Important Letters

Autumn 1 Term 1

'The Minpins' - Roald Dahl

In this half term our whole school topic is centred around 'Forests' and the outdoors. As part of this, Class 4 will be reading the story 'The Minpins' written by Roald Dahl and using this to inspire and enthuse across all subjects. Check back in September for regular updates of work and photographs.