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In athletics, children begin by running at different speeds dependent on the sports which they are doing, jump from a standing position and learn how to land safely and perform a variety of simple throws with basic control. Moving on from here, children develop these skills by demonstrating an awareness of how to apply these skills in the right situations for example; running at different speeds in a shorter or a longer race, choosing which piece of equipment they will thrown with and now beginning to practise a running jump with some accuracy. As children progress further into UKS2, a variety of running styles are being utilised with confidence, running jumps now consist of more than just one component (hop, skip and a jump) in-line with National expectations and skills needed in inter-sports competitions. Moreover, children are increasingly confident when it comes to evaluating their own and other's work suggesting both good points and points for development with a reference to technical subject vocabulary.
Experimenting with different types of movement.
Experimenting with different types of movement.
Year 1
Running at speeds appropriate to the situation.
Moving in a different way.
Applying their skills to a competitive situation.
A strong finish.
Year 2
Performing a throw with co-ordination and control.
All ready to throw.
Using Maths in their Athetics session.
Year 3
Year 4
Getting the starting position right.
Adjusting in mid-air.
Combining control and speed.
Year 5
Adapting running technique to the situtaion.
Driving forwards.
Adjusting body posture to the needs of the event.
Year 6
Adjusting speed to maintain a steady pace.
Focused on the task.
Adapting to the changing conditions.