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Big Maths

What is Big Maths?

Big Maths is a mental maths scheme which rigorously and thoroughly teaches multiple mental maths skills and recall facts to improve overall calculation skills. 


Why does Stanley Grove use Big Maths?

After our last Ofsted inspection, we wanted to rapidly improve the quality of maths teaching throughout school in order to provide the best outcomes for all pupils. Mrs Kershaw visited another school with Mrs Priest, and they were very impressed with the skills, speed and general maths ability of the children in that class. Excited by Big Maths, they came back to school and worked with the teachers to launch Big Maths.


What does a Big Maths session look like?

Every day, children start their maths lessons with a CLIC session. This stands for Counting, Learn Its, It's nothing new and Calculate; the four steps of mental maths teaching. These skills are set at a challenging level across the school and start in Reception! By the time children get to Year Five, they already have a huge host of skills and so CLIC sessions often ask the children to combine skills to reach their goal.

Once per week, children complete a Learn Its and a CLIC test. The Learn Its test is a timed recall test which matches the Big Maths step they have been working on. The CLIC test combines all of their skills, including written calculation skills, and tests them with ten questions. In Year Five, the children self-mark these tests and record their scores on a score sheet. Mrs Kershaw then teaches skills which the children need help with.


Is it fun?

Yes! CLIC sessions are fast paced and challenging, which keeps the children motivated and learning. We regularly ask the children in our class about their learning, and they always remark that CLIC sessions are fun.


Can we see Big Maths in action?

Below are a handful of powerpoint presentations. This is how Big Maths is delivered in class. The children, led by the teacher, work through the tasks is around fifteen minutes, sometimes a little less! You can challenge yourself now! Grab a piece of paper and a pencil (and your Year Five pupil to act as your teacher) and have a go at working through the skills!


I have questions. Who can I speak to?

Mrs Kershaw, as the Year Five teacher, is available to answer questions about Big Maths. She is also the Subject Leader for Maths, and helped to lead the roll out of Big Maths several years ago. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Wood in the office or see Mrs Kershaw on the door in the morning to arrange an appointment.