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Busy Bumbles

Busy Bumbles have been using tools this half term, making a platform for the water butt. The left over piece was easily transformed into a planter! Very inventive. 
It was too rainy, even for the amphibious Busy Bumbles, to work outdoors today so we made shelters to protect ourselves from the rain - should it come through the roof of the garden room! 😆

The Busy Bumbles go to the Town Hall!

We are so proud of the children and indeed the whole school who have all supported the Marine Conservation Society's campaign, 'Don't Let Go'.  The children learned that if you have a cause that you feel passionately about, you can approach the people elected to represent us and explain why you want things changed. Some of the Busy Bumbles Eco Club did this today. They presented their concerns and ideas about balloon and lantern releases to Cllrs Morley, Cummings and the Mayor of Featherstone and they listened. They considered these ideas, decided they agreed with the children and have decided to not to have a balloon release in Featherstone anymore and to raise awareness across all of Wakefield and the five towns about this issue. Together they made a difference; a real example of democracy in action.

The making of Octotrash

Busy Bumbles lunch time club do lots of fun activities. We help feed the birds and look after our school grounds.