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Cheery Chicks

So. The chickens have been named! Big names for little chickens πŸ˜„
We are very excited to have new chickens at school. We have chosen to have bantam chickens this time. We have 2 types, 1 Silkie and 3 Frizzle’s (no, we hadn’t heard of chickens called Frizzle’s either) they are so lovely. We are having a ‘Name the Chicken’ competition that Mrs Frost will judge at the end of next week. We’ll let you know what is decided. They are all girls again, maybe this time we’ll have more gender specific names - or maybe not! I have heard ‘Jeff Junior’ being suggested. πŸ˜„ 
RIP Stanley, Miller and Jeff. Thank you for all the eggs. You were loved ❀️
Chickens are fascinating birds, they have such interesting and different personalities. Stanley, Miller and Jeff have slowed down with their egg laying and today we got one and a half eggs! The little one is only about the size of a quails egg but we are sure it will taste just as good. 

Our hens are laying well, we get 3 eggs most days. We are selling them to the staff at first but will be inviting parents to buy them soon.

Our first 'Cheery Chicks Care Team'.

Home Sweet Home. All ready for our new arrivals.

Many thanks to Mrs Clark for making our chickens name plaques.