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At Stanley Grove our children should be able to copy and explore body patterns from a model, remember simple dance steps and perform these in a presentable manner. This should progress throughout their time in KS1 and KS2 to confidently moving their bodies to the beat of the music, perform a dance sequence as part of a group including elements of repetition and lasts the required time. Moving on, children should be demonstrating the ability to self -evaluate their own and others work with confidence resulting in dance pieces that are more refined in terms of movements and motifs. As our children reach the upper end of KS2, children can perform with precision, control and fluidity demonstrating a wide range of actions including variations in speed, levels and directions. Moreover, they should be confident enough to adapt sequences to include partners and suit the needs of the desired audience.
Experimenting with movement and control.
Moving together in our dance.
Year 1
Class 1 performing a dance as Toy Soldiers.
It is all about moving slowly to the beat.
Toy Soldiers moving together.
Year 2
Syncronization of the bodies.
A low starting position.
Supporting each other.
Year 3
Mastering feet flicks in Taditional Greek dance.
Co-ordinating our movements to the beat
Coming together as one.
Moving together.
Year 4
Transitioning with change of direction.
A strong opening stance to the Paso Doble.
And finished!
Year 5
Year 6