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At Stanley Grove, we enjoy an idyllic setting with views over the school’s extensive grounds and large playing fields. The areas of continuous provision are well resourced and provide children with carefully planned educational activities, with an emphasis on learning through hands on experiences.  Play is a key way in which children learn.  We provide a wide variety of play experiences both indoors and out with a friendly and caring atmosphere in which the children feel secure.




Each child is valued and encouraged.  Careful planning and assessment means that we can plan the next steps for the individual’s learning journey, which allows them to develop at their own pace.  This information is shared with parents on a regular basis.




Children in Early Years frequently take part in educational visits. Examples of this are: walks in the local area, going to the farm and visiting the library. We also have visitors in school to tell us about different things for example, the rain forest and road safety.




To support the children in their transition into nursery, we provide a 'first steps' group which are sessions led by one of our early years practitioners for the pre-3 children and their parents. We also have an open door policy where parents can opt to stay for the start of the session to play and interact with the resources we use in school.



We teach Phonics daily through a fun, multi-sensory and child centred approach. We use actions to help children to remember each of the 42 letter sounds. In addition to participating in guided reading and phonics sessions your child will bring home an individual reading book. Your child will have a reading wallet which contains their own reading book and words.


On a daily basis both the Nursery and Reception classes take part in a ‘Little Big Maths Session’ which makes Maths progress in Early Years fun for children. Little Big Maths ensures there is a press on progression within the context of the child’s play, self-discovery and personal learning journey and it is characterised by accurate steps of progression which makes new learning obvious to children. 


Early Years Curriculum

In our Nursery and Reception classes, we follow the ‘Development Matters’ guidance from the Department of Education.  The curriculum is split into seven areas of learning:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


Please see the link below to see the early years outcomes. 


Please click on the link below to be taken to our key information forms which include:


  • Early years 'working together' document
  • Early years admissions information
  • Information regarding 3-5 year olds
  • Nursery application form
  • Information about children in nursery staying for lunch