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Forces Fun!

Isaac Newton and the Laws of Gravity


Today, the children have explored what the terms mass and weight mean and have found the mass and weight of a variety of objects to compare them. They are beginning to understand that mass is the amount of 'stuff' (or matter) in an object, measured in g/kg and that it never changes. They are also learning that weight is the amount of force gravity exerts upon an object, and that it is measured in Newtons. Their practical experiments allowed them to find links between mass and weight and make predictions about the relationship. (The children even borrowed one of the class Stitch mascots!)


They also completed a comprehension about famous British scientist, Isaac Newton, to help understand his life and the influence he had on British science and history. They also found it interesting that Newton was alive in the same time period as the setting of our class novel, Children of Winter. (It's almost as though Mrs Kershaw planned it!)


We have lots more practical experiments and activities planned over the spring term, so check back for updates!

Isaac Newton and the laws of Gravity