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Games/Ball Skills

In Games/Ball skills children begin by showing basic ball control which includes throwing the ball in a number of ways and beginning to demonstrate hand-eye co-ordination when passing or receiving the ball. Moving on from here, children begin to develop an understanding of tactics and how these can be communicated to their fellow peers in competitive situations. Moreover, children use their skills with sound degree of co-ordination and control  e.g. catching a ball whilst in a moving position. As the children progress into KS2, children demonstrate the skills learnt but do this to much refined, stable and fluent manner. Additionally, children confidently adapt their tactical knowledge depending on the type of competitive game they are involved with and apply these in a fluid and stable manner.
Handling objects with increased confidence.
Adjusting body to negotiate obstacles.
Travelling with confidence.
Year 1
Developing hand-eye co-ordination.
Showing basic ball control with the feet.
Sending and receiving activity.
Developing simple attack and defend games.
Year 2
Sending the ball with accuracy.
Adjusting technique to make good contact.
Developing spatial awareness through games.
Year 3
Applying the rules of attacking and defending.
Adapting defence skills to the situation.
Combining fundamental skills.
Showing confidence in using a range of tactics.
Year 4
Adjusting body shape to send the ball accurately.
Using appropriate skills needed for the game.
As a group developing good in-game tactics.
Attacking with the ball accurately.
Year 5
Year 6
Applying appriopriate passing technique.
Adapting their games to the space available.
Competitive group situation.
Maintaining possession in a group situation.