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At the beginning of their physical development, children at Stanley Grove begin by exploring a variety of different movements whilst negotiating space successfully to avoid obstacles. Additionally, our children travel with confidence around, under, over, through balancing and the safe use of equipment.

As they make the transition into KS1, children begin to copy and explore a number of basic actions with a degree of control and co-ordination, perform a two-footed jump showing appropriate knowledge of how to land safely and lastly link two-three simple gymnastic movements together.

During their time in LKS2, children should be performing and creating sequences with increasingly complex skills. Moreover, whether it be individually or in group performance situations children should be selecting and using a wider range of compositional skills in sequences that go beyond the simple. Through analysis of their own performance and others, suggested ways for improvement are made in relation to the quality of the performance. As part of this, the children should be using more complex vocabulary relevant to the area.

In UKS2 children be applying all of the learnt skills from previous years but now planning and performing these routines and sequence with a good solid level of precision, control, fluency and stability. Within this, there should be opportunities for deviations in levels and variations of speed. Extending this further, children will now look for the opportunity to perform more complex actions which have an emphasis on the extension of the body, a clear body shape relevant to the themea and accurate changes in direction.


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