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Welcome to the Maths curriculum area. Our intention here at Stanley Grove is that:
  • Our children leave school as numerate children equipped with the ability to persevere, take on challenges and communicate mathematically.
  • Pupils are prepared for real life and are used to using mathematics across a range of situations and subjects.
  • Daily mental practise allows pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Children are regularly presented with problem solving activities which challenge their thinking and allow them to use and apply their skills.
  • The children use and hear accurate and appropriate mathematical language in a range of situations.


A selection of the things we do in Maths connected to Outdoor Learning at Stanley Grove:

Y1: shape hunt and chalk number formations.

Y2: co-ordinates in a grid, directions and turns.

Y3: angles, position and direction, capacity.

Y4: measuring distances with the trundle wheel, finding perimeter of playground, outdoor problem-solving booklet.

Y5: accurate measuring to find lengths and converting measures.

Y6: measuring area of playground and field, collating RSPB Big Bird Watch data.


Some of the cross-curricular Maths we do at Stanley Grove:

Y1: Science (weather measurements, plant measurements, transport bar charts showing how we get to school).

Y2: Activ8 (maths linked to PE), History (chronology connected to Great Fire of London).

Y3: History (timelines for ancient Greece), Science (bar charts showing size of shadows).

Y4: Enterprise: surveys/market research, working out costings and profits, History: Roman numerals, Geography: line graphs showing population change over time, Science: charts connected to evaporation rates.

Y5: History: Mayan maths using hieroglyphs for addition and subtraction, Geography: line graphs comparing education attainment in UK to other countries, Geography/Science: line graphs showing deforestation rates.

Y6: History: creating timelines for Iron Age to Bronze Age and working out time differences, Geography: analysing monthly rainfall and temperature in different South American countries and using to find averages, Science: constructing pie charts to show eye colour and analysing data.

Maths at Stanley Grove

Displays showing cross-curricular Maths


Rockstars and Diamond Dash Diamond Dash: Diamond Dash sheet with revised Platinum timing (it works out at 8.5mins at 3 seconds per question) and addition of Amethyst level for beginning chn to DD. Please test once per half term and keep a record of which level started at and how many levels moved in a year so that progress can be monitored. Certificates for anyone who moves a level on Friday in Shine. Rockstars: use Maths/ICT lesson to improve speed and accuracy and put Rockstars on homework sheets. Competition to see which class earns the most coins.

More Maths using ICT

Problem solving

Collaborative Maths: creating worded problems

Outdoor Maths: learning about angles

Practical Maths: mass and capacity

Maths in Reception

Year 1 shape work

Year 1 counting activities

Year 1 sorting activities

Year 4: Roman Numerals

A couple of examples of the type of work we do in Maths books.