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Monday, 16th November

Good morning Class Five! While you are working with Mrs Clifford this morning, you will need to look at the videos below and use the printed information to design a meal for Tim Peake to eat before he goes on a space walk (or EVA).

What would Tim like for dinner?

Using the information provided about calorific requirements and the calorific content of the food aboard the ISS, design a meal for an astronaut such as Tim Peake before doing an EVA. Present your findings in an informative way focussing on the needs of the astronaut.

You could use powerpoint or word to present your work. Remember to save your work using your Cadet sign in name to help keep you safe on the Makewaves site! There is a section on Pupil Shared-Class 5 for you to save your work to make uploading it quicker!

Oh, don't forget - HAVE FUN!

Digital copies of the printed information - in case you need it!

Space snack time with Samantha Cristoforetti

The astronauts on board the International Space Station get hungry from time to time during their long day of work in microgravity. We asked Samantha Cristoforetti, ESA astronaut on board the ISS for the Futura mission, to tell us about the kind of healthy snack she likes to eat during her breaks.

Tim's Favourite Foods: The Great British Space Dinner

British astronaut Tim Peake has asked the children of Great Britain to design a menu for him to eat in space, when he heads to the International Space Station in 2015/2016. In this video, he talks to Heston Blumenthal about his favourite food and what it is like to eat in space.

Astronaut Food: The Great British Space Dinner

Several months ago, children were invited to design a meal for an astronaut. This video tells you a lot about how food is eaten in space, how it is packaged to survive a long time in space, and what sort of foods can be sent up to the ISS.