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PE and Well Being in School

We invite parents into school regularly to inform them about how to support their child and them during their time in our school.  A workshop informing parents about the obesity strategy and then parents joined their children doing the 1K activities on the school field.  Over 150 parents attended. 

Obesity Strategy Work in school and with parents.

Park Run Celebration Assembly


As part of our commitment to promoting Physical activity in and outside of school, we registered as a school to take part in the weekly Park Run initiative which ran simultaneously at Pontefract Park and Thornes Park every weekend. Since February 2019 our children have been engaging in physical activity with their parents completing the weekly Park Run. During our Celebration Shine assemblies, we have been recognising these achievements.


To our delight we were informed that out of the 20 Wakefield schools who registered, we came 3rd and in recognition of this Peter Ward (Health Improvement Officer) came into school to present our 3rd place trophy and give the children who took part a prize each. Well done to all of those involved.

Health and Well-being assembly

The ACES team were again in school following on from their interesting physical activity assembly to focus on the important subject of mental well-being. During the session which Chloe delivered to both KS1 and KS2, she touched upon a number of areas whereby young children may be worried or stressed.


It was a this point that Chloe got the children going through a number of key relaxation and destressing techniques aimed at reducing stress levels and leaving the children feeling much calmer. All of the children present seemed to enjoy the opportunity to partake in these movements and there was certainly a more relaxed feel at the end.

Physical Activity Assembly

Adam from ACES came in to school to deliver an assembly to promote the benefits of doing at least 60 minutes of physical activity day. During the session, he gave the worrying statistic which shows a dramatic drop over the last 5 years in the amount of physical activity young people are engaging in.


Nonetheless, he was keen to promote all of the small changes which young people could do without even realising it such as walking to school, getting parents to park a little further away the walk to school is increased or even dancing to your favourite song when you hear it at home. Just doing some of these small things could make a massive difference to physical activity levels!

The Wakefield Park Run Initiative

Peter Ward from the Health Improvement Services in Wakefield recently came in to school to promote the fantastic Park Run initiative that runs every Sunday morning at both Thornes Park and Pontefract Race course.

The children were enthused about what the Park Run entailed and a good number of our children have been and continue to take part with their parents every Sunday!

1K a day

As part of the school's drive to increase health and well-being, all classes partake in a daily 1k challenge aiming to improve their fitness and times to complete the 1K distance.

After School Clubs

A variety of sporting disciplines and well-being clubs are offered to both KS1 and KS2 throughout the school year. Come back and visit to see the children in action.

Gymnastics and Dance

Baking and foods

Street Dance

Class 4 Bikability

The children received their certificates as part of the Level 1 Bikability course. Here, they had to demonstrate safe control of the bike and complete a number of related tasks. Well done.