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The cold weather has given us some fabulous nature treasures to discover.  Today we found this circle of ice. The children had fun trying to decide what it reminded them of, we had suggestions of; the moon, a pizza, a face and the stars in the sky at night. One child said, “See those dots, they’re air bubbles.” Gosh, fantastic scientific knowledge from a 5 year old!

We have been talking about us living in the Rhubarb Triangle and have been watching the rhubarb grow in Early Years. We decided it was time to harvest it and children had great fun picking and preparing it, some even ate it!


How many pine cones!?! Wow, thank you for collecting them for us. We had great fun counting them and recording how many we have. We decided that it was easier to count them out into groups of 5 and then put them in the box and add the groups of 5 together to get the running total. 330 so far and counting. There were lots of different shapes, sizes and colours of pine cones, all very beautiful. 

October 2018 Term 1


The children hunted for nature treasures to decorate our pumpkin. They decided to make a “Grandaddy” pumpkin complete with colourful hair, gold teeth and a crown! 

Planting sensory plants in our playground.