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Welly to Belly

The allotment area is being used and Environmental Leaders are being chosen from each class to look after the area. The children decided to be the first plants to grow in the poly tunnel! 😃 We found tomato plants in the bog garden. Some of the plants that didn’t survive the Easter holidays were put in the compost bin which was then used in the bog garden. They obviously loved the conditions there and have thrived. It’s a bit cold for them to ripen up now so we put some in the polytunnel to see if they would ripen in there, otherwise it’s green tomato chutney all round! Yum yum.

Raised beds.
The beginnings of a herb spiral.
Our wonderful allotment area.
The flourishing bog garden increases biodiversity.
Our sweet tomatoes.
The last of the sweet peas.
Look at our harvest.
A huge marrow in the allotment.
These strawberries will be nice next year.

Wellies to Bellies success.

Our first couple of raised beds.
First broad beans
In their 'blankety bed'
Looking promising

Our new 'Welly to Belly' allotment is beginning to take shape.