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What to do if you have Covid-19 symptoms or feel unwell.

If your child has one or more Covid symptoms, get a test to rule out Covid. If it is Covid, you are still infectious to others for 10 days, even if the symptoms have gone. Don’t put others at risk. Stay home and get a test.

Get a test if you have one or more symptom.

Covid update - when to test and isolate

If you have Covid-19 systems, please do not come to school but do get a test and let us know the outcome.

If anyone on the school site displays Covid-19 systems, they will be isolated and sent home.  They will need to get a test and isolate.  If test is negative, they can return to school, if positive, please inform the school.  We will inform parents and carers of  the children where there is a positive test in the bubble and that bubble will be closed and sent home. 

We will have work booklets and online work for anyone who is in a closed bubble so staff will work daily via remote online lessons or for any pupils who cannot access this, through the work booklet at home.

Symptoms of Covid-19. Please see document with information and guidance of symptoms and what to do.

Letter for parents from DFE. When should you get a test for your child?

Government Guidance for a Covid-19 isolation period